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Volunteer Peer Mentors:

Definition:  "An experienced & trusted advisor"

In the armed forces, emergency services & NHS, shared experiences are often unique.  When we leave the service, the loss of that comradeship impacts the most vulnerable. 

At Rawthey we use those shared experiences and bonds of trust to deliver leadership, hope and friendship to our former colleagues when beneficiaries need it most.

We currently coordinate a network of 50+ volunteer mentors nationwide.  Our peer mentors are delivering support to 542 beneficiaries. The primary role of the peer mentors is to coordinate the planning and delivery of recovery plans.

Our mentors work alongside community care providers to ensure that all care is integrated and that all agencies are communicating effectively with each other.

At the same time, our mentors work with statutory agencies such as the department for work and pensions (DWP) to ensure that beneficiaries are getting all of the support that they are entitled to.

Rawthey Social Care Team:

The Rawthey Social Care Team ane a group of volunteers from professional social care careers who volunteer their spare time to support our mentors and beneficiaries with expert advice and guidance in the development and delivery of recovery plans.

The up to date knowledge of our social care team is vital in the navigation of complex care bureaucracies for our mentors in support of those with complex 


Many people aren't aware that the Royal British Legion and other major military charities ceased outreach in 2013.  They pivoted to a referral based system that requires vulnerable people to seek help when often apathy from previous failed attempts to access help can become prohibitive. 

At Rawthey our mentors build local community links into the places where we find our former colleagues struggling, homeless shelters, addiction centres, mental health services, prison & probation services, food banks, etc.

Employment Transition Mentors:

Returning to employment, education or training can be daunting alone. Our mentors work alongside our ever-growing network of employers to soften rigid HR process, reducing stresses on the employer and the individual with the goals of long term success. 

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