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The aim of the charity is to raise money to support The Rawthey Project.


After 24 months supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable ex-service personnel and their families, it became apparent that The Rawthey Project was unable to access a significant tranche of funds or benefit from government support.

An unincorporated charity was formed in 2019 with the aim to raise funding to support The Rawthey Project and other charities that meet the charitable objective.

All of our work is done by volunteers.  No one is paid a wage and no one receives expenses.  Our aim is to ensure that all funds raised support our beneficiaries.  

There has been a protracted period of coordination with the Charity Commission as they have insisted we spend at least 60% of our funds raised on operating costs.  This is unacceptable.  


Charitable Trust

We have begun the process of progressing as a charitable trust.  This work is ongoing.  

Charitable Objective

To advance the wellbeing and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of society, in particular ex-service personnel who are struggling to adjust to civilian life following the traumas of war, by providing a psychologically informed program of support with the aim of achieving independent living and sustainable employment.

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359 Veteran & Serving Suicides since Jan 2018

87 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2018

79 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2019

88 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2020

77 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2021

28 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides so far 2022

**Source:  Veterans United Against Suicide**

Over 3,000 Veterans in Prison in England & Wales

1,200 Veterans Rough Sleeping in the UK

The UK Government accepts that 10% of service leavers struggle with the transition to civvy street.  

Following recent high intensity wars in Iraq & Afghanistan psychological trauma is  increasingly underpinning the difficulties that veterans and their families face.



We are an attractive grant funding organisation because we measure inputs and outputs therefore donors can measure the effect of their support.


We actively promote sponsorship because it personalises the investment and provides businesses with real-life case studies of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure.


Through our Veterans Village brand, we trade commodities produced by companies that support our work.  All profits are recycled back into the project.

At the same time, commodity trading provides a number of training and employment opportunities that we use as part of the program transitioning candidates back into sustainable employment.


We run a number of events throughout the year to support our work.  The events culminate in our annual Hells Fells family festival on Armed Forces Day.

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