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The Rawthey Project CIC is established for the benefit of the community and in particular (without limitation) the armed forces, emergency services and NHS communities.


The Rawthey Project CIC aims to support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our communities back to sustainable employment and independent living.


Volunteer Peer Support

We provide a structure in which volunteers connect with beneficiaries who have become disadvantaged or vulnerable.  

When a beneficiary asks for support, we align mentors based on location, shared experiences, needs a knowledge. Peer mentors then connect directly with the beneficiary and begin the process of needs assessment supported by the Rawthey Social Care Team.

With a complete understanding of the needs of the beneficiary, our mentors work with the Rawthey Social Care Team to develop a bespoke recovery plan to meet the unique  needs of the beneficiary.

Working as a team, the peer mentor and beneficiary work together to coordinate and deliver the recovery plan with the support of statutory agencies, health professionals, employers, housing providers and where necessary outsourced private medical practicioners..  

Rawthey Social Care Team

The Rawthey Social Care Team is an internal group of volunteers who share their proffessional knowledge and experience with our peer mentors and beneficiaries to help plan, access and optimise support that is available.

Rawthey Case Review Team

Led by a volunteer General Practitioner, the Rawthey Case Review Team reviews internal and external data to identify lessons and guide the Rawthey Team, statutory agencies, care providers, MoD, housing providers and many others in how to best support our most vulnerable.

Tom Thacker Course - Peer Led Residential Recovery

Where required, we provide peer led residential recovery for up to 3 months.

The residential recovery provides beneficiaries the opportunity to rapidly change their environment and re-evaluate their situation with the support of peers and clinical professionals in a structured and proven effective framework.

All support is led and guided by a Clinical Psychologist and/or other care professionals as required.

Veterans Christmas

Recognising that Christmas can be a period of pressure and/or social isolation for many, we work in association with to provide a free Christmas break for up to 30 veterans and the familie.


412 Veteran & Serving Suicides since Jan 2018

87 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2018

79 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2019

88 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2020

77 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2021

56 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides in 2022

25 Recorded Veteran & Serving Suicides so far in 2023

**Source:  Veterans United Against Suicide**

Over 3,000 Veterans in Prison in England & Wales

1,200 Veterans Rough Sleeping in the UK

The UK Government accepts that 10% of service leavers struggle with the transition to civvy street.  

Following recent high intensity wars in Iraq & Afghanistan psychological trauma is  increasingly underpinning the difficulties that veterans and their families face.



All donations are used to support individuals, none are used to support operating costs. 


We are an attractive grant funding organisation because we measure inputs and outputs therefore donors can measure the effect of their support.


We actively promote sponsorship because it personalises the investment and provides businesses with real-life case studies of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure.

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