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 Veterans Village 

 & Support Our Troops              


Event Support

Staffed by veterans in the later stages of their recovery program, our event support units (and the entire supply chain) provides a platform from which we can counter social exclusion through employment and training. 

The power of veterans re-engaging with the general public and feeling the considerable public support brings incalculable value to the recovery program.

The additional value of working to support their own recovery plan also supports the re-establishment of self-esteem and self-respect whilst concurrently countering dependency and victimhood.

Veterans Village Mobile Bar

Our mobile bars are available to deploy nationwide.  Each bar can support up to 2,000 customers.

Veterans Village Mobile Catering

Our catering team are available to deploy nationwide.  

The food sold through our catering outlets has been produced on the farms that house and employ our veterans throughout their recovery.

Catering modules include:

  • Burger Van

  • Hog Roast

  • BBQ

  • Pizza Oven

  • Thai Takeaway

Veterans Village Gin & Wine Bars

Our gin & wine bars are deployable nationwide.

Working with our supporters at Kingsland Drinks, we are proud to offer the very best quality wines and gins from across the world.



Our Veterans Village commodity range is the exemplar that it takes a community to fix broken veterans returning from war to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out.


All commodities offered in the Veterans Village range, have not less than 20% veterans employed in the entire supply chain.

Social Responsibility

All commodities sold in the Veterans Village range return not less than 10% of revenue to support the recovery of homeless, disadvantaged & vulnerable veterans.



Our Veterans Village operation is social responsibility in action.  The brand value of supporting our troops is self-evident and a big point of differentiation against competitors.


Everyone is welcome.  The value of a small family business providing a nurturing and caring employment transition can deliver equal value to large multi-national businesses that want to achieve brand alignment with our veteran community by integrating HR processes.


If you are interested, please click this link.

Whilst money is most welcome, we are looking for sponsors who invest in the ethos of the Veterans Village to provide a hand-up, not just a hand-out.

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